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Do You Suffer From Anxiety and or Panic Attacks?...

Do you suffer from anxiety and or panic attacks?...What about negative blocks or internal conflicts?

How are you feeling right now?... Anxiety can be overwhelming for the most of us, we have all been there. What's important to know is that if this is a regular occurrence, you need to find out if it's an underlying physical health issue or a psychological issue. 

   The next time you are feeling this way, observe yourself to see if you have actually stopped breathing...quite a common thing when we are stressed, we hold our breath and the body starts to go into panic mode, so the psychological anxiety has now become a physical anxiety responding to the breath being held in.

   Take in a deep breath that's comfortable for you and breathe in all the way to the pit of your're doing well... Now hold your breath fora few breathe out...

Inhale once again all the way to the pit of your stomach....hold...and exhale again...Let's do that one more time....Breathe in...all the way to the pit of your breathe out once again. How does that feel?

   You can practice this daily. When you do this, your body has no choice but to relax...and as a result, you start to feel some relief. This is de stressing the Parasympathetic nervous system.


Our Second Blog Entry

What is anxiety like?

The term anxiety relates to a group of disorders such as phobias, panic attacks, obsessive behaviour and what's known as generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). Everyone feels anxious now and then - that's normal, but GAD is characterised by excessive worry about everyday matters for no obvious reason and affects many people.


Anxiety presents itself in many different ways:

-The desire to control people and events.

-Difficulty getting to sleep

-Feeling agitated or angry

-Defiance and other challenging behaviours

-Having high expectations for self. Including studies and sports

-Avoiding activities and family events

-Pain like stomach aches and headaches

-Struggling to pay attention and focus

-Intolerance or uncertainty

-Crying and difficulty managing emotions

-Over planning for situations and events

-Feeling worried about situations or events

Somatic Symptoms

-These are symptoms that occur in the body

-Can be explained by physical illness or psychological distress

-Somatic symptoms are not fake




                                          AND MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF

 self kindness can look like:

spending time with yourself

setting your boundaries

saying no to another commitment

time out from social media

trying something new

                                               BELIEVE IN YOURSELF











Our First Blog Entry

Anxiety Shows Up As Many Forms

Feeling Anxious?

Do you suffer from Panic Attacks?

What about Internal Conflicts or Low Self Esteem?

Perhaps you're a Survivor of Childhood Trauma?

You should consider booking an appointment with me. Together, we can discover the initial causes of your issues and concerns.

Learn new tools and strategies to help clear any conflicts.

Negative past experiences create bad habits and cycles of unwanted, emotionally charged feelings that may prevent you from moving forward from those memories.

   This can cause layers of complex traumas, that can affect you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

                                              ALL POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS



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